C4IP is an innovative company that designs and builds high quality products for use in the professional broadcast, hospitality, and advertising (digital signage) markets.

Our main offices are in The Netherlands where we design, build, test and sell our products.

With our hardware and software solutions, it is possible to transport full D1 video signals
with low latency / low bandwidth over IP.

Additionally, with our wireless solutions, it is also possible to transmit video to locations that don't have traditional access to public/private WAN infrastructure.

C4IP has a wide view on media and combines proven technology with along with its own technologies to create total solutions for our customers. We are a services AND products oriented company who believes in assisting our customers at any level they require to ensure they meet their goal.

Using IP for transportation, we are able to create a scalable, affordable, and tailored solution where we keep flexibility in mind.

C4IP is a company that has knowledge and experience in broadcasting, networking, systems design and and implementation, and much more. We are a fusion of professional broadcast engineers, network engineers, and software developers.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • C, C++, C.Net, Pascal, Java, PHP, MySQL, Directshow, ROR, ASP,
  • Software, system architecture, and network design. (Windows & Linux)
  • Broadcast video and audio engineering platform design and implementation
  • IP unicast and multicast live or VOD streaming of audio and video to any Windows or Linux device
  • IPv4, IPv6, multicast, transcoding, high availability networking, redundancy planning
  • Managed Network services & Web Hosting
  • Media / Content Management & Playout

It is our belief and our personal experience that modern WAN infrastructures are fast enough and of sufficient reliability and quality to be used for professional broadcast purposes. With the proper planning and design and in combination with our specially developed Low Latency Transport Protocol (LLTP), a super low latency network with extreme capacity can be built into or on top of existing public and private WAN infrastructure to allow us to deliver the capability of transporting broadcast ready video and audio for professional broadcast use.

No longer are conventional ways of setting up video links needed. Costs are reduced, flexibilty is increased, and our customers are made happy.

C4IP is using this IP transport protocol to create professional video links from and to virtually any location in the world.

Additionally, using our in-house developed Low Latency Tranport Protocol (LLTP) we are able to reduce bandwidth when transporting this video and audio.

Our wide range of products could become the basis of your modern engineering.

Please contact us for more information or questions.

In The News...


Telefoon naar centrale NOC

Het telefoonnummer voor aanvragen en supportcalls is vanaf heden doorgeschakeld. De sales afdeling van MediaChoice zal nu de aanvragen verwerken.

Kantoor verhuist

De dozen zijn ingepakt en uitgepakt en we zijn met ons kantoor naar de Oscar Romero Studios in Hilversum. Met name Reinder en Joshua zullen vandaar uit nog werken aan R&D.

C4IP verhuist apparatuur

C4IP heeft de apparatuur voor locale omroepen verplaatst naar Naaldwijk. Hierdoor kan via het netwerk van Media Choice het signaal van de bundel aan omroepen nog efficienter en betrouwbaarder worden aangeleverd naar de diverse operators

C4IP & Media Choice gaan samen

Na geruime tijd samen de markt van transport van tv signalen over publiekelijk internet te hebben gedomineerd, willen C4IP en Media Choice samen verder gaan.