Please Note: This is an End-of-life product and is no longer manufactured. We expect to re-release this product with 4G support sometime in the future.

The Phoenix ME-4000 and ME-8000 mobile encoder platforms open doors when it comes to rapid media acquisition and retrieval. These systems allow you to record footage from any location in the world and send live video over 3G mobile telephone or WIFI network infrastructure and/or store video footage locally to the encoder to be automatically forwarded later when 3G or WIFI coverage is present (Store & Forward Technology).

Optional features allow the use of multiple 3G connections trunked together to provide redundancy and higher quality connectivity and present interesting alternatives to expensive satellite uplinks for live and on-location reporting and feed acquisition.

Parameters such as encoding bit rate and codec type are configurable via web-interface or LCD menu system allowing for customization of parameters to match the connectivity of a specific location.

The Phoenix Mobile Encoder Platform consists of 2 components. The ME-4000 Mobile Encoder for capturing and sending the feed and the RB-1126 Mobile Encoder Base Station for receiving, storing, and aggregating the incoming feeds.

Via the RB-1126 Mobile Base Station web interface, you are able to preview collected media before actually downloading it or optionally playing it out directly from the Base Station as a auxilary feed into your head end. When downloading files from the Base Station, you can choose to download source files or let the Base Station transcode files on the fly for you to a wide range of formats including:

  • MPEG2
  • MXF D10-30 40 or 50
  • MPEG4
  • H.264/AVC
  • WMV

This feature allows you to download the footage directly into edit suites or play-out systems.

The unit can be equipped with tally, intercom, GPI/O, RS422 / RS232 / RS485, Return video and GPS tracking.

With the GPS tracking system you are able to see where the camera crew is via the web interface.


  • Communicate directly with your ENG camera crew and preview all recorded shots online. Download selected footage to edit suites or broadcast play-out systems. Real-Time Notification can also be enabled to notify you when new media is recorded or arriving on the Base Station.
  • Track camera crews with online GPS tracking for guidance and monitoring.
  • Use the Phoenix ME-4000 or ME-8000 for live applications by using 3G mobile network or WiFi infrastructures. The unit can be connected to a RB-1126-SDI Base Station with SD-SDI video and embedded audio output.
  • Through this base station you are also able to send tally signals and RS-422 or RS232 for shading purposes. Also sending a return video signal is possible in this configuration.
  • Encode your footage to a wide range of supported codec’s.

The system can be integrated for web applications or media distribution networks, for example news related items. The ME-4000 can also be used as a wireless audio codec for live radio applications. With a return audio output, you are able to communicate live with the studio in high quality audio.

In The News...


Telefoon naar centrale NOC

Het telefoonnummer voor aanvragen en supportcalls is vanaf heden doorgeschakeld. De sales afdeling van MediaChoice zal nu de aanvragen verwerken.

Kantoor verhuist

De dozen zijn ingepakt en uitgepakt en we zijn met ons kantoor naar de Oscar Romero Studios in Hilversum. Met name Reinder en Joshua zullen vandaar uit nog werken aan R&D.

C4IP verhuist apparatuur

C4IP heeft de apparatuur voor locale omroepen verplaatst naar Naaldwijk. Hierdoor kan via het netwerk van Media Choice het signaal van de bundel aan omroepen nog efficienter en betrouwbaarder worden aangeleverd naar de diverse operators

C4IP & Media Choice gaan samen

Na geruime tijd samen de markt van transport van tv signalen over publiekelijk internet te hebben gedomineerd, willen C4IP en Media Choice samen verder gaan.