The demand for video transport over IP is growing every day. C4IP combines broadcast quality video and audio encoding with the latest IP transport technology to transport your feeds over private or public IP networks.

The RE-2142 Analogue & SDI encoder is able to maintain high quality with low delay for a wide range of real time video encoding applications.

The RE-2142 is also able to create a DVB compliant transport stream.

In combination with an LA-1200 Media Aggregator, the RE-2142 is also able to transmit a secure & encrypted stream preventing unauthorized access to your video feeds.

With a huge array of professional audio/video connections possible, you can virtually connect to anything and support a massive range of video equipment. The RE-2142 includes fully independent connections for SDI, HDMI, analog component, S-Video, and composite video.

The RE-2142 is HD ready and both SDI and analogue component connections auto switch between HD and SD signals.

The RE-2142 includes enhanced analog connections to make it easy to connect to a wider range of analog broadcast equipment.

Within the C4IP DMC, we can manage and control all your video links. If you need 24/7 monitoring on your links without investing in employees, C4IP can do that for you. This way we can also setup temporary links and create large distribution networks.

We can also provide you with high quality dedicated IP links to our DMC with 99,7% uptime guarantees. When you need a National or International media link, C4IP provides the solutions which deliver the broadcast quality and stability needed. With our wide range of products, any solution is at hand for your application.


  • The RE-2142 is a 3U rack mountable software based video encoding system.
  • The RE-2142 outputs a DVB compliant, ISO/IEC13818-1 MPEG2 multiplexed transport stream.
  • Configuration is done via a web based user interface.
  • The RE-2142 can be used to replace traditional and more expensice methods of video feed transmission by utilizing existing public or private IP infrastruction for transmission of your feeds.
  • The RE-2142 can be used as part of a long-term installation but is just as suitable for short-term solutions due to low installation and maintenance costs.
  • The RE-2142 is suitable for professional video broadcast applications and is a highly reliable device with a proven track record of high availability.

When you want to create your own IPTV channel, the RE-2142 is the fundament for encoding the signal to a DVB compliant stream.

Increase your bouquet of channels with this high quality, but low cost transmission solution.

In The News...


Telefoon naar centrale NOC

Het telefoonnummer voor aanvragen en supportcalls is vanaf heden doorgeschakeld. De sales afdeling van MediaChoice zal nu de aanvragen verwerken.

Kantoor verhuist

De dozen zijn ingepakt en uitgepakt en we zijn met ons kantoor naar de Oscar Romero Studios in Hilversum. Met name Reinder en Joshua zullen vandaar uit nog werken aan R&D.

C4IP verhuist apparatuur

C4IP heeft de apparatuur voor locale omroepen verplaatst naar Naaldwijk. Hierdoor kan via het netwerk van Media Choice het signaal van de bundel aan omroepen nog efficienter en betrouwbaarder worden aangeleverd naar de diverse operators

C4IP & Media Choice gaan samen

Na geruime tijd samen de markt van transport van tv signalen over publiekelijk internet te hebben gedomineerd, willen C4IP en Media Choice samen verder gaan.